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Trailing Cables


Trailing cables are specially designed cables used in mobile or trailing applications where flexibility, durability, and resistance to mechanical stress are required. These cables are used in environments such as construction sites, mines, industrial settings, and outdoor events. They are constructed with multiple conductors bundled together within a flexible and durable outer sheath. The conductors can be made of copper or aluminum, depending on the specific application requirements. The number of conductors and their sizes vary based on the intended use. We sell Trailing power cables that consist of multiple conductors (usually copper) bundled together within a flexible and durable outer sheath. We also sell Rubber trailing cables which are constructed with multiple conductors bundled together within a flexible and durable rubber outer sheath.


The primary characteristic of trailing cables is their flexibility. They are designed to withstand repeated bending, twisting, and movement without compromising the integrity of the conductors or the cable itself. This flexibility allows for easy installation, maneuverability, and adaptation to changing working conditions. Trailing cables are built to withstand harsh environments and demanding conditions. They are resistant to abrasion, moisture, oils, chemicals, and UV exposure. The outer sheath is made of robust material, such as PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) or rubber, to provide mechanical strength and protection against external factors. Pesi Private Limited Delhi-based company has a commitment to excellence and specializes in manufacturing, trading, and exporting them across India, Dubai, Qatar, and the South Middle East and was founded in 2021. Our Company has served numerous happy customers in the above-mentioned regions and continues to do so. Customer satisfaction is something that we always strive for.

  • Our trailing cables are designed to endure mechanical stresses, including pulling, dragging, and crushing.
  • They are available in different voltage and current ratings to match specific application requirements. 
  • They also have safety features such as insulation color-coding, earth grounding conductors, and protection against short circuits or overloads. 
Product Name Trailing Cables
Brand name TS GOLD
Product Type Wire and Cables
Materials Used Copper and PVC/Rubber
Cables Thickness Dependings on clients requirement
Conductor Material Copper
Number Core 2 Core, 3 Core, 4 Core etc.
Temperature Range -40 C to 105 C
Voltage Range 220 to 240V 
Insulation Material PVC
Application and Usage As electrical power cables for mobile apparatus, such as large excavators, draglines, stackers and reclaimers.
Packaging Type Carton/Cardboard Packaging
Payment Modes Currently we are accepting payments only in banking modes(UPI, NEFT, RTGS, IMPS)
Payment Terms Contact us for more information
Sample Yes Available
Sample Policy Contact us for sample-related quarries
Delivery Time 7 to 10 Days (Depending on the order quantity and location)
Certification ISO Certified
Export Areas Dubai, Qatar and other South Middle East Countries
Country Origin India

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