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LAN cables, also known as Ethernet cables or network cables, are used to establish wired connections between devices within a Local Area Network (LAN). These cables facilitate the transmission of data, allowing devices to communicate and share information. LAN cables consist of several twisted pairs of copper wires enclosed in an outer jacket. Each wire within a pair is twisted together to reduce crosstalk and electromagnetic interference. Our Cat5e network cable is a type of Ethernet cable that is widely used for network installations, including home networks, office networks, and small to medium-sized business networks.


Our Cat6 UTP LAN cable is designed to support data rates of up to 10 Gigabits per second (10 Gbps) at a maximum distance of 55 meters. It provides improved performance and reduced crosstalk compared to Cat5e cable, making it suitable for demanding applications such as high-speed data transfer, video streaming, and VoIP. The Fiber optic Ethernet cables that we also sell are cables that use fiber optic technology to transmit data over long distances at high speeds. Instead of using traditional copper wires, fiber optic cables utilize thin strands of glass or plastic fibers to carry optical signals. Pesi Private Limited is a profound Delhi-based company that manufactures, trades, and exports the best lan cables across India,  Dubai, Qatar, and South Middle East. We were established in 2021 and hold ISO certification.

  • They follow wiring standards such as TIA/EIA-568, which specify the pin assignments and color coding for different cable types
  • Low-cost and effective network cable
  • All of the LAN cables that we sell are high-performance cables
Product Name Lan (Local Area Network) Cables
Brand name TS GOLD
Product Type Wire and Cables
Materials Used Copper, Aluminum and PVC
Patch Panel Type Cat 5e, Cat 6e, Cat7e (Depending on the requirement)
Cables Diameter Dependings on client's requirement
Cable Conductor HDPE, PVC
Cable Type Twisted Pair
Insulation Material PVC
Application and Usage Commonly used for Ethernet cabling
Packaging Type Carton/Cardboard Packaging
Payment Modes Currently we are accepting payments only in banking modes(UPI, NEFT, RTGS, IMPS)
Payment Terms Contact us for more information
Sample Yes Available
Sample Policy Contact us for sample-related quarries
Delivery Time 7 to 10 Days (Depending on the order quantity and location)
Certification ISO Certified
Export Areas Dubai, Qatar and other South Middle East Countries
Country Origin India

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