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Co-axial cables


Coaxial cables, commonly known as coax cables, are a type of electrical cable that is widely used for transmitting high-frequency signals and data. They consist of a central conductor, surrounded by an insulating layer, a conductive shielding layer, and an outer protective sheath. Coaxial cables are designed to transmit signals with minimal loss and interference. They are commonly used for cable television (CATV), internet connectivity, video surveillance systems, and other applications that require high-quality signal transmission. They also have a layered structure. The center conductor carries the signal and is usually made of copper or copper-clad steel. It is surrounded by an insulating layer, which helps maintain signal integrity. Our Solid Copper Black Rg6 Copper Coaxial Cables offer low resistance and superior conductivity compared to other materials, ensuring efficient signal transmission. 


The shielding layer made of braided copper or aluminum, reduces electromagnetic interference. Finally, the outer protective sheath provides mechanical protection to the cable. We sell rg6 pure copper cables which are designed to carry high-frequency signals with minimal loss and interference. The Copper Coaxial Cables that we sell are designed with a specific characteristic impedance, commonly 50 or 75 ohms. This impedance matching is essential for optimal signal transfer and minimizing reflections between connected devices or components. Pesi Private Limited is the supreme manufacturer, trader, and exporter of them. We export them across Dubai, Qatar, and South Middle East.

  • Coaxial cables have excellent bandwidth capabilities, allowing them to transmit a wide range of frequencies. 

  • They can carry signals over long distances without significant loss of signal quality

  • Coaxial cables come in various types and sizes to suit different applications. Common types include RG-6 and RG-59

Product Name Co-axial Cables 
Brand name TS GOLD
Product Type Wire and Cables
Materials Used Copper, Aluminum and PVC
Cables Diameter Dependings on clients requirement
Cable Conductor Aluminum Clad Steel
Conductor Material Copper
Insulation Material PVC
Application and Usage Electronic and digital instrument wiring / CCTV & Audio Visual VSAT /DATA cabling
Packaging Type Carton/Cardboard Packaging
Payment Modes Currently we are accepting payments only in banking modes(UPI, NEFT, RTGS, IMPS)
Payment Terms Contact us for more information
Sample Yes Available
Sample Policy Contact us for sample-related quarries
Delivery Time 7 to 10 Days (Depending on the order quantity and location)
Certification ISO Certified
Export Areas Dubai, Qatar and other South Middle East Countries
Country Origin India


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